About the Graduate Students and New Professionals Community of Practice

Directorate Membership

All members of the Directorate Board must be ACPA members in good standing during their entire term. The Directorate consists of the seven (7) elected members: Chair, and Vice-Chairs (as noted above as well as appointed Coordinators. The Coordinators shall be appointed and allocated based upon the needs and goals of The Committee each year. Selection procedures and terms of office are as follows:


Chair and Past Chair

The Chair of the GSNPCoP serves as the leader of the directorate body. They are responsible for overseeing the operations of various functions that comprise the directorate such as assisting directorate members in their respective position responsibilities and setting a vision for the coalition. The chair also serves as a voting member on the Executive Council of ACPA, the governing body of the association. They represent the needs and concerns of both the directorate and all graduate students and new professionals to the Executive Council and the association.


Vice Chairs

Vice-Chairs serve for two years beginning at convention time.  They attend Vice-Chair and Directorate meetings.  Vice-Chairs host monthly conference calls with Coordinators and oversee, transition and assist 3-6 Coordinators.


Coordinators apply for positions at each convention and are able to apply
to multiple positions. They serve from convention to convention. Coordinators are  selected by Vice-Chairs and have different responsibilities based  on the Vice-Chair they  serve under, their strengths, and the other coordinators. Coordinators attend GSNPCoP Directorate Meetings and are highly encouraged to attend conventions.

Position Descriptions

Each functional area of the coalition oversees various projects and events. Some of the responsibilities of each include:

  • Operations- Web, newsletter, social media, meeting minutes, and membership lists
  • External Affairs- Volunteers, Next Generation, Scholarships, and Awards
  • Professional Development– Case Study and Sponsored Programs
  • Networking- Showcase, Socials, and Convention Colleagues
  • Ambassadors- Selection, communication, and training
  • Outreach- Sponsorship, ACPA collaborations, research initiatives, Faculty-in-Residence Program, and publications

– See more at: http://www.myacpa.org/standing-committee-graduate-students-and-new-professionals-position-descriptions#sthash.j3LzZdEp.dpuf