About the 8th Vector

What is the 8th Vector?

The 8th Vector is a Blog (formally a Newsletter) sponsored by the Graduate Students and New Professionals Community of Practice within ACPA. The 8th Vector is a wonderful resource to our members as it shares with fellow Student Affairs professionals trending topics and best practices.

What kind of submissions does the 8th Vector accept?

While we are open to different types of submissions, here are some categories that have been submitted in the past:

  • Lessons Learned – Centered on experiences of transformational learning in relation to being a new professional or graduate student
  • Trends and Best Practices – Reveals current trends or practices that new professionals or graduate students are embarking on
  • Research Corner – Focuses on innovative research occurring in Student Affairs and Higher Education
  • “Dear Colleague” – This session will be modeled after the infamous “Dear Abbey” section of the newspaper. There are two ways to be involved with this section. You can seek advice by submitting an anonymous question or you can choose to share insight and give advice to a colleague in need.
  • GSNPCP Spotlight – Serves as an opportunity for GSNPCoP members and/or initiatives to be highlighted
  • Alumni Corner – Know an Alumni of GSNPCoP? How about interview them and write an article about it?
  • ACPA Commission/Committee Spotlight: This portion will serve to inform on the initiatives that fellow ACPA Commissions and Committees are embarking on.

Who can submit pieces for the 8th Vector?

All are welcomed to submit an article! Historically we have had: current graduate students and new professionals, experienced professionals, as well as GSNPCoP directorate members.

How do I submit a piece?

You can email your submission to 8thvector@gmail.com!

What topic/theme should my piece center around?

While we are excited you would like to submit a piece, we as the Graduate Students and New Professionals Community of Practice will have themes for reference. The use if themes is not required but highly preferred.

  • On-going – Centering racial justice in our work
  • June/July: Navigating your first position
  • August/September: Hot Topics in Student Affairs–including law/policy and politics,Transition from grad to pro, Self-care, Institutional politics
  • October/November: Careers in Student Affairs Month–including field experience, conversation around the experience of people of color in the field, Graduate Program Search: What, Where and How, Finding a graduate program for you
  • December/January: ACPA Convention and Convention prep; Job Search prep
  • February/March: ACPA Convention & Job Search

When is my submission due?

We are always accepting submissions!

I want to submit a piece but I’m unsure of where to start. 

While this page is helpful in terms of what we are looking for and current themes, check out the submissions on this blog or past Newsletter issues of the 8th Vector here: http://www.myacpa.org/scgsnp/newsletters.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for The 8th Vector, please don’t hesitate to contact our Co-Coordinators Stephen Fleming & Crystal Hamilton at 8thvector@gmail.com.