Reflection 301

Let me start this off by saying I am writing this as a black cishet woman who works at a women’s institution. If nothing, 2016 has taught me the true value of reflection and seeing how far a person has come. Think about it this way, this semester has been rough. There have been student protests around the country. Folks are justifiably hurting and we have arguably become the laughing stalk of the world [in my opinion]. We’ve lost a number of icons this year including the recent passing of Dr. Debra Saunders-White, North Carolina Central University’s Chancellor. While I may not have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Saunders-White, she has left a legacy that has touched the lives of many. I can only dream of having the same impact as her on the field. Even to our present day, the impact of social media on our field is also something that cannot be ignored. For example, the Student Affairs Professionals Facebook page has become a toxic environment where careless misuse of terminology has somewhat become the “norm.” With the semester and year coming to a quick close, if it hasn’t already, I wanted to invite many of you to reflect on this past semester in particular.   looking-back-looking-forward

I asked our Dean of Students what her interpretation of reflection is and she shared that it was a time out of sorts, a pause and if you’re into history it’s a recognition of chronology.

So colleagues, how did we get here? Reflection is one of the best tools a person can utilize to examine the past in order to make changes about the future.

At the end of this post I have shared a wonderful find created by Sinclair Ceasar that I’ve been using for since May. Mr. Ceasar is working to make kindness go viral and has a blog that I highly recommend: [] where you can find job search motivation, how to share kindness, and from what I can tell making our field better one positive transaction at at time.

Looking Back Looking Forward Reflection Guide

Best of Luck!





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